We Make AdWords Management Easy and Profitable AdWords Campaign Strategies Designed for Highest Possible ROI
The ROI Team is a Certified Google Partner Company.

Google AdWords is complicated. In the right hands it can literally print money for you, but in the wrong hands it will break the bank fast. The complexity of AdWords makes it time-prohibitive for a business owner to learn it from scratch, and most who attempt either fail miserably or never even begin to utilize the dozens of extremely powerful marketing tools hidden deep within the AdWords system.

With The ROI Team, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your Google AdWords campaigns are being managed by the very best in the industry. We'll custom-tailor a strategic campaign plan around your business and competitive requirements, and you'll have the full advantage of our proven track record and Google-Certified AdWords Professionals.

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"When it comes to AdWords, there are a handful of people I call 'experts.' Frank is one of them. Not because he dabbles, but because he has built a Million Dollar empire by becoming an expert on everything there is to know about driving traffic with Google AdWords. I liked Frank's stuff so much that he was my Top Choice for speaker-expert for my Internet Marketing Seminar. He was one of our highest rated experts and it was no surprise to me. What he's done with AdWords is something so many people have tried and failed, but when he explains it step-by-step it seems so easy. He has created an AdWords strategy that can be used by anyone to sell anything online."

-Mike Filsaime, President
Mike Filsaime, Inc.

"When it comes to Google AdWords, Frank is the leader of all leaders. When people are good at something, they tend to be a leader in their industry, but when they're the best they tend to redirect an entire industry, and that's what Frank has done with AdWords. Frank has created a huge, huge difference in my business with his Google AdWords experience and expertise."

-Armando Montelongo
Armando Montelongo Worldwide, Inc.

"Frank Rumbauskas is a marketing genius. What he's done with AdWords is something almost no one else has done successfully, and yet when he explains it, it all seems so simple, like one of those elusive things that's been in front of you the whole time. You wind up asking yourself why you hadn't realized it sooner. He has created a simple AdWords system that can be used by pretty much anyone to succeed online."

-Tom Beal

"Frank, I wanted to send you this message to let you know how impressed I am not only with you but with your Google AdWords system. It is absolutely amazing. Never before have I seen someone like yourself who has built a multi-million dollar business exclusively with AdWords. There are many who claim to be experts, but they really don't use Google AdWords to build their own business. I've got to tell you, you've systemized it down to a tee and that makes it absolutely simple."

-Joel Therien, President
GVO Web Services