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SEO is the #1 Lead Source for both B2B and B2C Businesses
If your website is not ranked at or near #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the search terms that prospective customers use to find you and your competitors, you are playing a losing game! SEO is now the top lead source for both B2B and B2C companies. Done right, it delivers 80% of the leads to a business at only 15% of the overall marketing cost, on average. It will deliver the same amount of traffic as an equivalent pay-per-click campaign, at only 12.6% of the cost. Traffic from natural SEO search results converts into sales 25% higher than pay-per-click traffic. Less than a quarter of Google users ever search past page 1. We could go on and on, but you get the point.

If you'd like to download our full presentation, full of facts, statistics, and case studies on why SEO is far superior to both PPC and Social Media, you can click here to download the PDF.

SEO Strategies From A World-Class Leader
ROI Media employs one of the most talented SEO teams in the world, and to the best of our knowledge, and that of our competitors, we own the largest, most powerful, and most scalable SEO infrastructure in the world. In fact, many of the most effective SEO companies and advertising agencies use us as their "white label provider" and are merely reselling our services under their own name.

Google-Safe Search Engine Optimization
Many websites lose Google ranking every time Google updates their algorithm. Thousands of websites either lost rank, or were de-indexed completely by Google, due to the frequent algorithm changes over the past two years. Was your site affected? Our clients' sites were not - so you know you're dealing with fully "white hat" SEO techniques that are not only Google safe, but will actually improve your ranking every time a new algorithm change wipes out another one of your competitors!

Advanced Content Marketing Strategy
We accomplish "impossible" results for our clients, that are 100% Google-safe, by a combination of advanced content marketing strategies, backed by the world's largest and most scalable SEO infrastructure. All of our staff are located in our offices in Dallas and Arlington, Texas and London, England, so regardless of which side of the pond you're on, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all of our work is top-notch. We absolutely DO NOT outsource your critical and important website ranking work to India, Philippines, or anywhere else.

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case studies

Jerry was a prominent New York attorney from YourLawyer.com. He had tried EVERYTHING to grow his search engine rankings for personal injury keywords. Over 18 months, little had worked. When he came to us he was skeptical we could help him because so many fly-by-night "SEO Experts" had burned him and only took money without getting him any results. When he tried us, his SEO rankings grew fast. Traffic grew 21% in 1 week. 62% in 6 weeks.

Druva.com is a business in the PC recovery and Hard disk recovery market. Here's what we did for them: “Laptop backup” - Google #1 - 22,500 monthly searches. “PC backup” - Google #3 - 301,000 monthly searches. “PC backup software” - Google #3 - 12,100 monthly searches. Before we started working with Druva.com they had ZERO rankings for any of these keywords. You could say we kicked their site to the top of the pile! And made them a mint in the process!

As you probably already know, college kids look all over for grant money. So when we took SchoolGrants.net as a client, they were skeptical we could produce page 1 Google rankings for them. We put them in the top 10 on Google for 9 separate keywords. Here are just 5 of them: “Private school grants” “grants for school” “private grants” “school grants” “schoolgrants”. Over 385,600 monthly searches are done for these 5 keywords alone. I'm sure you'll agree, that's a LOT of Free Traffic, right? However, it gets better. All have HIGH competition and SchoolGrants.net was nowhere near page 1 for any of these keywords before we started working with them.

Insurance Leads
As you probably already know, the insurance industry is VERY competitive & challenging to drive new leads for insurance keywords! Except, we just took a client to page 1 of Google for the keyword: "Insurance Lead." We took them from zero rankings to the TOP 10 out of 269 MILLION competing sites in only 3 months. Pretty cool, right? What's better is the traffic from 33,100 searches a month for this keyword! Which means a BIG sales revenue jump for them!