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What's The Truth About Social Media?
At ROI Media, we're going to give you the straight facts on social media. It's mostly hype. It's value has been overblown. Less than 1% of Facebook and Twitter fans are active fans, who engage and share your brand. Social media has turned into the "tulip mania" of our decade, and the latest trend in business books are those that serve to debunk the myth that social media is the latest gold rush.

For the most part, the only people making any money are those selling books, products, and services about social media! That's not our goal at ROI Media. However, there is a big - a very big - reason why social media should be included in your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media, Social Signals, and SEO
Google and other search engines take many factors into consideration when it comes to ranking websites on page 1. Originally it was all about content - you could simply stuff your web pages with the keywords you wanted to rank for, and voila, you'd be number one! That strategy was soon disabled by Google. Then Google introduced its "Page Rank" patent in 2000, where every link to your site counts as a "vote." Suddenly, webmasters started sending thousands of spammy links to their sites, and voila, they were number one! Google put the brakes on that one too. (Inbound links are STILL the most important ranking factor, but they must be QUALITY links from high-authority sites - and that's what the content team and infrastructure at ROI Media will give you.)

In their frustration, Google recently added so-called social signals to the ranking equation. Inbound, high-quality links from high-authority websites are still the biggest factor, but you also need to have social signals. What does that mean? Very simply, Facebook likes, Facebook shares and reposts, Twitter followers, re-Tweets, LinkedIn connections, Google+ likes, and so on.

Social Signals and Lead Generation
While it's true that social media didn't turn out to be the magic bullet everyone thought it would be for online marketing, and should never be your first or only choice, if we're going to engage with social media in order to add social signals and relevancy to your website, while we're there, we'll build strong lead-capture systems into your social media strategy: Facebook pages that capture leads, LinkedIn pages that get business, and Google+ Local pages that rank your business on page 1 of Google search results! Our world-class, American-based designers and coders will turn your social media pages into lead-generation machines, while they simultaneously build a following that will quickly increase your social stature and tell Google and the rest of the world, "This site is important!"

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Google+ Local
If you're a local or regional business, this is the most important social media property, and the one we'll build out first. It will rank your site very highly and visibly in Google search results, and can be integrated with Google AdWords to show your location in Google search results as well as in Google Maps.

LinkedIn, as you probably well know, is the king of B2B social media. It's a must for salespeople, and a must for any business in the B2B space. We'll work with you to create a powerful LinkedIn business page that will enable you to use the enormous business networking power of LinkedIn while giving your new connections a destination to engage with your business.

In addition to Facebook pay-per-click advertising, if we determine it to be relevant for your business, we'll create amazing Facebook Business Pages that employ cutting-edge lead capture systems. This, combined with a solid Facebook content strategy, will get you tons of Facebook fans who will also engage your lead-capture - so they can become customers!

In the eyes of Google, Twitter has the most powerful social signals, after Google+ itself. We'll help you get more followers along with setting up Twitter as a syndication system to feed your content to multiple social media properties.